“In vyabhicari ecstatic love for Krsna there is sometimes madness, dexterity, fear, laziness, jubilation, pride, dizziness, meditation, disease, forgetfulness and humbleness. These are some of the common symptoms in the stage of vyabhicari ecstatic love for Krsna.”

NoD 42: Fraternal Loving Affairs

Day 14 arrived and it was evaluate time. Checked my blood sugar and blood pressure and it was all good and the macho side of me was saying hell yeah, go for 20 days, you can do it. I believe I could but when I got up I had laid there a long time  shackled by lethargy, and it was easy to project by day 20 I might not be able to get off the couch.

The caveat about being under doctor’s care after 14 days can be taken as someone covering their a– and having taken blood work and monitoring blood pressure  I can rationalize I am doing all they would do anyway, but it is still consideration.

I checked the forecast and could see the weather was going to be dry for a few days so the opportunity to bring wood into the house was opening up. We have a large pile outside and we draw on that to bring into covered wood bins next to the stoves. We have about a month’s capacity for that and is needing restocked. I knew I wouldn’t be able to deal with the physical workload still fasting so I pulled the plug.

My mental energy is above normal for me so sedentary work isn’t a challenge.  When you fast blood usually in the stomach is freed for the brain. Most of us know the feeling after a big feast when there were samosas and laddus leftover and you took seconds you know you shouldn’t have, the mind gets dull. The same thing is going on with normal eating you just think it is normal.

Day 15 I drank three 8 oz  glasses of freshly squeezed orange juice. That is about the same amount of calories I was getting from the lemonade, which was about 700 a day, FYI.

Today I am departing from the book’s script a little but same concept. I had a 8 oz glass of fresh orange juice for breakfast again. The reason they shift from lemon to orange is supposedly that starts to reactivate the fire of digestion.

I was glad I had decided to stop because it does take 4 days to get back to a full diet and today I was getting dizzy walking up steps. I know it isn’t from  ecstatic love.

“I am trying to change diets and sometimes fasting. But after all, it is old body, so dizziness is not unnatural.”

Prabhupada letter to: Himavati  —  Los Angeles 1 April, 1970

I am also very aware of blood rushing through my head.  Not exactly a headache but unpleasant enough I checked my blood pressure to make sure it hadn’t gone high but it was fine at 123/84.  Still a sign that it was good I stopped.

Lunch today was freshly squeezed vegetable juice with a teaspoon of active culture  yoghurt. I take their word that orange juice gets digestion going but I know yoghurt does.

Juice was apples stored from the Farmer’s Market and our home homegrown beets, carrots, and Chinese cabbage with a little store bought coriander. I would have added a little fresh ginger but we were out.

Tonight will be a avegetable soup, taking mostly the broth and a few of the veggies. In addition to the above  I am soaking some dried tomatoes and peppers from the garden to add to it and a few pieces of our own potatoes we gew.

Tomorrow is raw veggies, fruit and more soup, eating the vegetables and some rice or potatoes  and eventually return to eating anything.

This one is in the record books.