So I went and got my blood work this morning. Afterwards Vidya and I went to the YMCA and while she was swimming I did both the sauna and the steam room twice, and the hot tub with lots of nice jets.

In between the sessions I would take a good shower. The idea being the blood comes to the surface when hot and retreats when cold, so it pumps the toxins out better.

Vidya picked me up a blood pressure meter the other day so I took my blood pressure before we went. It was 130/81 so I wasn’t too concerned about getting too hot so I was pushing myself in the heat to endure as much as possible. FYI, about an hour after leaving the Y, we were home and I took my BP again, and it was 115/71, so I think that there was no adverse effect from it.

I was getting out earlier than I normally would if I was eating, because I didn’t want to make a scene by passing out. I would lay down between sessions to recover and then go again.

The only time I miscalculated a bit was the hot tub where I definitely felt lightheaded getting out.

We went back to the hospital to get the results and they was fine IMHO to continue. Next benchmark would be 14 days and then evaluate.

The following may not that be too interesting just discussing the blood work so bail here if you are pressed for time.

I had blood work done on Dec. 28, a week before the fast started so I am using that as a baseline. I am slightly under normal in magnesium, but that is because I stopped taking my magnesium supplement. Prograf depletes magnesium so that was expected.

Sodium has dropped just below normal level but I expected that. My sodium is typically just barely normal. I may have lost sodium in the sweating after the test was taken, so that is a bit of an unknown what it truly is now, but I will take the saltwater flush tomorrow and maybe that will bump it up.

My liver enzymes had improved dramatically, from 4 or 5 times normal highs, which is typical for me, to about 3 times normal so that is good.

Surprisingly, my hemoglobin, hemocrit, and platelets also got better. Perhaps not statistically significant, but up. Good thing.

The eosinophils, which are typically slightly high this time were normal. Other stuff in that group that were either high or low daysweeks ago also came into normal range.

Potassium was in the normal range and that is good. Prograf is potassium sparing so my normal tests show slightly high to occasionally too high so no problem there.

Creatinine was .1 over but that is normal for me, one other surprise is the BUN which is always over normal came into range. That is the first time it was normal since I had my liver transplant 3 and 1/2 years ago. Prograf is hard on kidneys. Creatinine and BUN have to do with kidney function.

Another thing that went below normal just slightly was chloride, which that I truthfully have no idea what it is in the tests for, but it doesn’t worry me.

After the fast is over I will take another set of tests, just to satisfy my own curiosity as much as anything.