“Regarding your fasting, if you are sick, then fasting is the best medicine. For disease and unwanted guests, if you do not give them food, they will go away.”

Letter to: Revatinandana — Bombay 16 January, 1975

One thing I have learned is that if you do a long fast be sure and write down what day you started because it is easy to lose track.

So I have made it to the 10th day. That is in the bag. I feel fine so tomorrow I will get blood work and then go to Jebbias and buy oranges and other stuff to make fresh juice if I am breaking it or more lemons if extending it. We do have our own carrots and beets we grew in the root cellar so that will be the base of any juice, plus a bushel of apples I bought locally last fall.

It takes a couple of hours to get the results so Vidya and I are going to go to the YMCA in Elm Grove and do the sauna and steam room.

They say you are supposed to take a laxative during the fast so the toxins can be excreted. Although I have taken a couple of different laxatives, I don’t really need them. I am still taking the Prograf, the immune system suppressor that stops rejection, and that is laxative enough.

I tried the senna tea twice but had to stop that. The first time I took it it was fine but the second I was getting high blood pressure rushes. The Prograf has a side effect of high blood pressure and I usually take medicine for it but I stopped with the commencement of the fast. The first time I took the senna I think the medication was still in my system and buffered it but the second day it must have been gone. I was feeling very uncomfortable like high blood pressure so I Googled senna and found that it is indeed contraindicated for high blood pressure.

Another thing is a salt water flush — two teaspoons of sea salt in a liter of water. You take it all at once and it cleans you out. I have done that a couple of times but even without it I am exceeding the number of times a day for passing out the byproducts of purification.

We excrete waste by stool, urine, and sweat. With the cold weather and sedentary way I am approaching this fast, I haven’t sweat much so a trip to the Y is in order. Might as well shed all the toxins by that way too.

With the weather warming up, and the 10 days achieved, I may even be able to do some real work outdoors. Soma and Tapapunja do strenuous stuff when they do the Master Cleanse, so maybe I will be able to do some too, at least up to my normal low level of stamina. I wish I could work like them even when I am eating.