“Darkness, illumination and clouds sometimes appear and sometimes disappear, but even when they have disappeared, the potency is still there, always existing. In the sky sometimes we see clouds, sometimes rainfall and sometimes snow. Sometimes we see night, sometimes day, sometimes illumination and sometimes darkness. All these exist due to the sun, but the sun is unaffected by all these changes. Similarly, although the Supreme Personality of Godhead is the original cause of the total cosmic manifestation, He is unaffected by the material existence.”

SB 4.31.17

We have been getting a lot of snow and freezing weather. Our average temperature for today is 36 degrees (2 C) but the last time we saw a temperature above freezing was Dec. 31, the day of our New Year’s Eve party. I remember because we were overflow parking in the hay field and I was a little concerned about the ground thawing but it didn’t enough to be a problem. Since then it has been below normal temps. It should  tickle thawing tomorrow and then we will have ten days of upper 30s and low 40s (4-5 C) to make up for it.

The sun has taken a vacation and we had about ten days in a row where I only saw the sunshine for about 5 minutes. It was also accompanied by frequent snowfalls. According to Channel 9’s website, “This is the 13th straight day with snow! Over that stretch we have managed to pick up nearly a foot of snowfall.”

That was two days ago and none since then. Each given snow was not that much so it built up layers. It was also very dry snow, not the good wet kind for making snowballs, but light. The layers built up and I think then froze together, so they got stronger like lamination layers. As such they were some really interesting things to see.

Like on the garden shed door, which is on the leeward end of the shed, there is a 1″x6″ cross bar. Since it is milled lumber, it is really only 3/4″ (2 cm) wide. As the snow settled there it built out about 5″ (13cm) and curled under, like one of those pictures you see of a surfer”shooting the curl”. The curl didn’t touch back to the door, so all the structure is supported by the narrow edge of the board. A very complex and organic curved vision.

I tried to take a picture of it but with my level of expertise and the camera I have, I couldn’t get one that would do it justice. It all merged into a white oneness when I looked at it on my computer. Here is one I did mange to get where you can see some detail on the gutters on the inside bend of my ell shaped house. Not as complex but still interesting.

I have deer that practically live in my yard. Although they don’t sleep in the same place every night they do take shelter. See where they slept next to the shed.

You can see the bamboo in the background which is evergreen and makes a great windbreak plus there is a fir tree with a 60′ (18m) diameter between the shed and the bamboo.

It has been two days since it snowed so the deer tracks aren’t being covered up and, yes, those are ALL deer tracks you see in this picture.

The snow is making it tough for the deer so although they usually come out of the forest to feed at dusk and dawn, it is now common to see them out during the day.

When it snows at night and there is no wind, the snow settles on the trees and makes a very beautiful scene.