Beyonce’s Master Cleanse Diet Fast Helped Her Lose 20 Pounds

So I am on Day 6 of the Master Cleanse fast and clipping along. I was going to take it easy physically but went out to an auction Saturday with Vidya, my first step off my property since I started.

It was at Sherrard Elementary, for those who know where that is.  Both Sherrard and Limestone elementary schools have been closed down due to declining enrollment and  consolidated into a new school built where the football field used to be at Sherrard Middle School.

One effect of the closure on local devotees is that now instead of having to go through 4 school speed limit zones on the way to Wheeling, we only have to go through 2.

I happened to know the guy who bought the school as I used to coach his son in recreational league soccer and he was an assistant soccer coach for the high school team Tulasi played on. (FYI, Tulasi, he said his son Eric is going to start med school at WVU.) He already has a tenant for the building, it is going to be a wholesaler of craft supplies.  He is also going to erect a commercial size windmill on it, maybe not the size of the mammoths  but bigger than the one you see on Rte 88 now. They are researching it.

We did get a couple small things that fit in the car but then bought 2 lots  I wasn’t expecting to but such a great deal I couldn’t resist.

There were all these blackboards and they were having a hard time getting bids. So I thought, what could you use blackboards for other than as blackboards?  They were at a stack of 8 pure slate slabs that were 42″ (1.o7m) by 48″ (1.2m) and  quarter of an inch (6.4 mm) thick. It was only $5 so I bought them even though I don’t really have an idea what to do with them, other than maybe as roofing for a small shed.

Another pile of 13  were blackboards that had had the frames removed. They are 42″ (1.o7m) by 8′ (2.44m) sheets of 1/4″ (6.4mm) plywood with 1 mm of aluminum on each side of it. They start to be  easier to think of a use for, like  siding on a shed or whatever.  Gopish said a full size sheet of this new(they are cut from 48″ to the 42″  width) would run $20-30 dollars a sheet and I got them all for $10.

Quite sturdy and needless to say heavier that I was in a condition to lift by myself. I needed help so the next day Gopish came along with me and did all the heavy lifting, a task for which he is eminently overqualified.  I helped whenever two guys were needed but did a lot of observation.

Anyway, the rest of the day was spent mostly laying on the couch but I am recovered within the parameters of the fast again today.

My current plan is to go ten days and then get blood work done and check that out. I get monthly blood work for the liver transplant people but it is set up “as needed”  because sometimes it is done more frequently, like weekly when they lower a dosage of the immune suppressor.

The sastra in the Master Cleanse eBook  that my Master Cleanse guru Soma sent me said ten days is great and up to 14 better but beyond that be under doctor’s care. Clearly any doctor would freak out if I told them about this and for malpractice  concerns say no, so I will have to wing it.

If I feel good and the blood work looks good I will extend this, possiblely to 20 days.  I go to the records department at the hopsital and get my own copy of the results and have educated myself to have a reasonable understanding of what they say. So I do consider getting blood work done being prudent and almost under a doctor’s care.