As for the Master Cleanse, here is a starting point:

There is a right way and wrong way to fast and better to do it the right way and follow the path of those who have gone before. Should anyone be so inclined to take it up.

I didn’t follow the Lead in diet exactly but since I don’t eat meat anyway, I had cut out the dairy and had some soup and veggies the last day.

Though I confess I failed to mention having had two pieces of whole wheat toast with cloudberry jam also. Maybe the jam is considered processed food but other than that I didn’t have any the last day before the fast.

So not the best start but  almost okay.

Chaits has been trying to drag me into the modern world and get on Facebook but I am stuck in my blogging and buggy whips old fashioned way. So he took matters into his own hands and started a fan page for my blog.  See it here:

If readers have shifted their lives to Facebook this makes it easier for them to get the feed I guess.  I am neither advocating nor not advocating getting the blog content there, just pointing out that it is available.