The hot new movie in the theaters is Avatar.  It has ground breaking computer generated images and that is drawing a crowd even though the plot is said to be pretty derivative.

In the media buzz surrounding its release, a lot of emphasis has been put on how it has an environmentally conscious perspective. Hah!

However environmentally conscious it purports to be, we can see that is only to take advantage of an emerging consciousness about the environment and not a true commitment to the principles of environmentalism.  It is simply pandering to what some people want to hear. They will already get the war pic buffs.

The tipoff that it isn’t real is that they are doing a huge advertising tie in with McDonalds. That’s right, they talk about environmentalism but where the rubber meets the road, money, they are in bed with major animal killer corporation McDonalds.

For those of you who don’t already know that meat eating is worse for the environment than SUVs, check out Vegetarian is the New Prius.