I have run on about Christmas, its corruption and other aspects, in past Christmas seasons.

For the benefit of any new readers, here are links to previous posts about Christmas:

How Santa Claus Killed Christmas

“How did Saint Nick get transformed into the  Santa Claus we know today?  It was a long trail but he was finally standardized into the image we have today by Coca Cola. He was an ad campaign figure for the the soda for 35 years starting in 1931..”

Christmas Meditation

“Today, eternity enters in time, and time, sanctified, is caught up into eternity…”

Merry Giftmas and Happy Mallidays

“Probably the devolutionary low point of the transformation of Christmas from a spiritual celebration into a consumer orgy…”

What Would Jesus Buy?

“The Shopocalypse is upon us … Who will be $aved?…”

Origins of Christmas

“But our objective is that religion means there is connection, relationship with God. Take, for example, Christian religion…”

Christ (no) mas

“I know the scary Santa pictures are a little weird, but if you have ever raised kids, they are funny :-)…”

Caution – Children Under 9 Should Not Read

“Personally, I think it is a little wierd that a rite of passage for young children is to find out that not only their parents but an entire society has been lying to them…”

Holydays vesus Christmas? Why Is This an Issue?

“Dogmatic Christians are outraged that they aren’t allowed exclusive use of the Winter Solistice to celebrate Christ’s birth…”