(Bhakta Ed recently sold his business, bought an RV, and is hitting the road going to various Hare Krishna temples.)

I was dressed in legitimate devotee garb and wrapped in a tan chaddar, crossing the temple grounds at 4:25 AM. It has never been easy for me to be early for something, but it is very easy for me to be somewhere in the “nick of time”. Right on the dot. No wiggle room. So, imagine my horror when I found the front door to Kalachandji’s locked. I had fifteen seconds to spare. This had been my day to be on time and hear the first syllables, “samsara-davanala-lidha-loka”. It had been ten days, six states and seven camping/parking places to get here to this moment. Why all the road blocks?

When I left Minneapolis on the seventh of December it was snowing. In Iowa I woke up to several inches of snow, on my RV no less. I thought those things were for summer and sun and warmth.

Drive south and chant. I will get to the temple. Just chant. Just drive. Well, Kansas had roads that were a sheet of ice and very high wind gusts. The night I slept at the rest stop in Kansas, with my generator going all night and the pipes frozen, I thought that the wind was going to tip over my RV.

Finally a balmy 40 degrees in Oklahoma and then on to Dallas. I was so tired that I took the first RV park that I thought was near the temple. A nice old guy named Earl was very helpful and got me into a nice spot.

Then he showed me some of the tricks of the trade when one lives in a house on wheels. However, he didn’t tell me that this park was an island of law abiding folks in a sea of “Escape From New York City”.

The next morning, hoping to get to the temple by 4:30 I called a cab at 3AM. “No problem” was the casual reply. Finally at 4AM I called them back and the dispatcher said, “Oh sorry. The driver refused to go into that neighborhood, too dangerous. I said to try another driver. My RV is too big to go casually driving around a big and unfamiliar city. A few minutes later “an African American voice called me and asked if I wanted a cab. He also asked some very irrelevant questions and then said, “I can hear by your accent that you are white. I’ll be there in twenty minutes”. Well late again that day.

Next day. Same driver. Thirty minutes late. The next two days I missed all together due to some repairs on my fan belts. I actually slept in the parking lot of the RV garage!

Later in the afternoon, I went to the temple and pleaded my case to a veteran devotee, Narotam, who introduced me to the temple school principal, Jaiyanti. She offered for me to park in the schoolyard which is fenced in behind a six foot high, metal spear-pointed fence. Rupa, a second generation devotee, who was actually schooled right at the Dallas gurukula helped guide me in. It was bigger than we thought, but with one inch on the right and one and a half on the left I took over part of the schoolyard.

I was set. I ate in the wonderful restaurant, Govinda’s and went to be early. This was finally my chance to be at the start of mangala arotik.

So, I knocked on the door. I went all around the building which is quite large and knocked. Nobody answered. Finally a light. The pujari room. Knock knock. At last a nice mataji opened the back door for me but I was not in time. I got there at “vande guroh sri- caranaravindam”. Tomorrow.

Yes, Tomorrow I will be on time. I am grateful for Krishna’s mercy and for Gosh’s blog. Maybe when I get my own blog started he will post the address.

Hari bol!