“Krsna, who knows all sports and games, then called together the cowherd boys and spoke as follows: “Hey cowherd boys! Let’s play now! We’ll divide ourselves into two even teams.”

SB 10.18.19

I was in Pittsburgh last Saturday to attend a meeting of Team Pittsburgh doing planning for fund raising and attending the 2010 Transplant Games in Madison, Wisconsin.

I have the illusion I am going to be able to run 800 meters there without stopping, a feat I failed to achieve at the 2008 Transplant Games, where I had to walk half the time. As of today I still can’t run that far without stopping but I am getting closer.

After the meeting I went to The Strip, which, no, it isn’t the naughty part of town, it is the wholesale produce district that has a lot of specialty shops as well. I got chapatis at the Mexican store, bitter melon at the Chinese store, and olives and other things at Pennsylvania Macaroni, known affectionately as Penn Mac. You can’t get Gorgonzola stuffed olives and big jars of Nutella in Moundsville, West Virginia.

Walking down the packed with shoppers street, there were numerous street peddlers. One of them had a rack of T shirts in Steeler’s colors. The one that first caught my eye said “I am an American Steelers fan” and then I saw one for Italians, Puerto Ricans, and Irish.

Without breaking stride I joked, “Do you have a Norwegian one?” I assumed the answer would be no, but it wasn’t, he said yes. I stopped in my tracks in surprise.

While I have never been to Norway, and don’t speak the language, I am full blooded Norwegian and was raised in a community that had a large Norwegian contingent in it. So naturally when I thing in terms of my body, I am thinking of myself as Norwegian.

Ask my wife, she will tell you I don’t usually buy new clothes. I already have enough T shirts to last me the rest of my life just from getting them as gifts and for being part of some event or organization. If I did feel the need to get more, they are always available very cheaply at yard sales.

Still, this caught me with my guard down and I impulsively bought one. Here I am modeling it:

While it isn’t the best year to be a Steelest fan if you are dependent upon them for your joy (my advice — find your bliss internally through Krishna) football is still the opiate of the masses.

Our Father,
Who Art in Pittsburgh,
Football Be Thy Game.
The Kingdom Come,
5 Super Bowls Won,
On Earth as it is in Heinz Field.
Give us this Day a playoff Victory,
And forgive us our penalties,
As we defeat those who play against us.
But lead us into a victory,
And deliver us to Tampa!