Thanksgiving Day it snowed for the first time this year. We went to the temple for their Thanksgiving dinner — a fancy rice, beans, two different gluten preps in tomato sauce, one with cow milk curd, Dharmakula pumpkin pie with whipped cream, chocolate frosted donuts, mashed potatoes with a superb vegetarian gravy, some nectar drink I didn’t try.  Nobody was complaining about the food!

Black Friday Vidya did her daily routine of swimming a mile and a half at the Four Seasons pool in Moundsville. I went along and bought some sale priced stuff while she was swimming.

At the Southern States Marshall County Co-op I made an investment that will double in value in 4 months. They had potting soil that was normally $5.99 on sale for $2.50 a bag.  I bought up as much as I need yet this fall and enough for an optimistic appraisal of what our needs will be next spring.

Back when we used to start all the plants for the temple and Palace gardens we made our own mix but we are on such a small scale now it is easier to  buy potting soil.

The reason I need some this fall is because I have collected black walnuts from a tree that had exceptionally large nuts and want to sprout them. I don’t know if the large nuts are because of genetics or environment but other trees in the same basic place had smaller nuts.

In one sense that doesn’t matter because I am growing them for rootstock so Soma can try grafting some Carpathian Walnut scions on them in 2011.

Black walnuts need cold stratification to break dormancy so I need to plant them this fall and leave the pots outside.

Not much of a crowd at the Co-op but at Tractor Supply they had a big display of farm themed toys and the crowds were bigger than normal.  I wasn’t buying toys (so much cheaper to get toys at the flea market, if one is in the market for toys). They did have a sale on 6′ (1.8 m) t posts  I want for building deer cages around trees next spring.

I bought 60 of them which would be 15 trees. That should be the minimum amount I would personally be planting next spring. This year I used two t posts and two pieces of bamboo for each tree but I am not sure how long bamboo will last in the ground here. We need them to last about 5 years, or until the trees have outgrown the deer.

I can always buy more next spring or use bamboo I am harvesting this fall and leverage out the posts that way if I get more ambitious and/or can’t control my senses when ordering out of the catalogs this winter.

I will only make 13% return on investment on the posts over the next 4 months but I bet that still will beat the stock market.

Next we went over to Lowe’s and I bought a Bosch drill on sale, 18 volt cordless with lithium ion batteries.  Working on my trellis I was having to do some drilling on the recycled aluminum frames I have for the top part and the bit keep slipping in the chuck of the Hitachi drill I had and it was very frustrating.

I asked Vidya if she wanted another drill and she said she had been thinking about getting another  one because when she works on birdhouses she has to keep changing bits. I gave her the Hitachi which will be fine for her as  gourds  are soft and bought the Bosch.

I finished up some fabrication after bringing it home and I was very pleased with it, no slipping.

Today the sun is shining so I need to get out and work for the few hours I can. The trellis and planting black walnuts are the top priorities.