When I went to the grafting seminar with Soma we met a guy who has a tree nursery in Kentucky. I got his card and threw it in my card pile. Yesterday someone stopped by to talk about flea markets because they are wanting to have an independent business.

They want to do bread and kabobs or some sort of food product, so I suggested going to the Strip District in Pittsburgh which is a wholesale produce/restaurant type area and lots of street vendors. I had checked it out once for maybe Vidya selling there (she has no interest) and had a card from a place that rented spots so I dug around and found it.

Doing so I came across the card from the tree nursery and went to the website which see here. I immediately had an ESP type sensation. Well, not exactly ESP, but I did see my future. And that future has persimmons, hazelnuts, American Persimmons, Asian Persimmons, Chinese Dates (Jujubes) (yes Virginia, they are hardy in West Virginia), and Asian Pears in it.

Here I am with 9 raspberries sitting in the root cellar waiting for me to plant them and I am already getting catalog fever for next year. Good thing I didn’t look at this catalog before  or I would have ordered some trees to plant this fall and I really didn’t have the energy to do so.  Next spring in Jerusalem, er, ah, I mean tree planting!

Last spring I did manage to get some trees planted but I was also still putting a lot of energy into the deer fence around my garden. Next spring that won’t be a pull on my energy so I feel confident I can plant a lot more trees.

My vision for New Vrindaban’s agriculture at this point is leaning heavily to nut trees especially and some fruit trees.  Once you get nut trees past the first 5 years they are pretty care free and low maintenance.  That means they have grown above the height where deer damage can affect them.  Then it is basically just keep the grass and weeds controlled around them and pick up the nuts timely before the worms bore into them or the critters eat them.

Nuts only need a little curing and then can be shipped easily. NV could become a supplier of nuts and/or trade them for other agricultural produce. West Virginia is by nature forested so I believe this is the most suitable crop to develop here.  If the community grows, the nuts could become a staple in the diet of its residents.  I would love to see a 1000 nut trees planted here over the next few years.

Anyway, I am smitten by these trees and who wouldn’t be when you can read a description like, “Chinese Date (Jujube): Trees are grown in pots Small 1 to 2 feet $20.00, Medium 2 to 3 feet $30.00, large 3 to 5 feet $35.00 GRAFTED Zone 5-9 Known as Dai Chu in Korean. A small tree and shrub up to thirty feet tall that bears edible fruit that are cherry to plum size and very sweet. Can be eaten fresh, dried or used in place of raisins. 2 to 5 feet tall at time of shipping. Limited quantities.”

Limited quantities? Yikes! I am placing my order first thing next rainy day!