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The Sacredness of Mother Cow.

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Today will be the third day working on my two day list of goals. Yesterday I had a lot of phone calls about various other projects I am working on and getting a forecast that today wouldn’t be rain, I allowed myself to take those calls in depth, figuring another day of drying for the raspberry bed could only help.

I did get the 60 bulbs planted I had and in the process have everything composted, rock phosphated, and worked up for the next set of 60 bulbs arriving in two days.   I also transplanted a couple of hostas from where I planted the bulbs. I was originally going to discard them as the deer perennially eat them off but my wife made a plea for them so I put them in a corner of the deer fenced garden beind the mockorange shrub that got contained in it and behind which is a tight little area too shady for much else. That added some time.

Part of the time was there was some regrowth from wild berries in that section that I had previously cleared out so I spent some time rooting them out, which wasn’t on the list but I felt compelled to do.

The other complication was where I was planting the perennials was alongside the front part of the garden.  We have dug in these metal racks around the perimeter of the garden that Vidya found in a dumpster behind Blockbuster. There were used to hold the DVDS inthe store but had been replaced. These we dug in to keep groundhogs from digging under the fence. Due to priorities, the bed along the front fence got planted before we dug in the racks. It took most of the summer to dig around the rest of garden in any case.

Now that the annuals in that bed are finished, I realized I needed to dig the trench and put the racks in before I planted the perennials, so that took longer than I originally had anticipated.

Tulasi — if you are reading this, I dug in 3 more sections of racks and have 4 and a partial to go.  (Tulasi did a LOT of this project)

So tday I am left to compost. till, and form up the raspberry bed and finish planting the other paw paw and the Carpathian walnut.