“After my departure, I passed through many flourishing metropolises, towns, villages, animal farms, mines, agricultural lands, valleys, flower gardens, nursery gardens and natural forests.


“Man’s activities in agriculture, mining, farming, industries, gardening, etc., were all on the same scale as they are now, even previous to the present creation, and the same activities will remain as they are, even in the next creation. After many hundreds of millions of years, one creation is started by the law of nature, and the history of the universe repeats itself practically in the same way. The mundane wranglers waste time with archaeological excavations without searching into the vital necessities of life.”

SB 1.6.11

Here is the work I hope to accomplish in the garden today and tomorrow. I have already gotten all the beds in the main part of the fenced garden seeded to rye except the raspberry bed because it was too wet. All the berries I had planted there drowned except one. Also no rye where the Chinese cabbage, Brussels sprouts, lettuce, radish, spinach and turnips are still growing.

Dig out raspberry pant, compost and till raspberry bed, and form it up higher with a ditch where the wet weather spring pops out. Replant raspberry.

Plant plants I have laying around, including 2 paw paws from Soma, one Carpathian Walnut that sprouted last spring from the year before and I potted up, a pink form of Scabiosa (pincushion flower), 3 Artemisa Silver Queens, and some bulbs I ordered , Dutch Iris and Crocus. Some of the crocus I will plant in pots to bring in and force in late winter. Crocus bloom before daffodils. I also have some Galanthus (Snowdrops) and Eranthus (Winter Aconite) that bloom even before the crocus but they won’t arrive until about the 12th, next week some time. The walnut and paw paws behind fencing, the others are deer resistant and outside the fence.

Compost, till and seed to rye the bed in the front garden by the driveway where Vidya had her dry flowers this year.

Move marjoram from dry flower bed to perennial bed along side the fence.

There is a lot more I could do but if I get that all accomplished in the next two days I will feel like I did something.

Time isn’t an issue, there is sufficient, the question is will my energy hold up. I think it will. Hope it will.

It has been no rain for several days so that is why I can get into the raspberry bed. I have today and tomorrow and then some rain forecast for Tuesday, so if that manifests I have to stop working in the soil.