We are home from the Ohio Gourd Show with a van stuffed full of gourds, 158 5-6″ scrubbed martin house gourds in cargo bags on the roof racks, and a U-Haul trailer stuffed with bigger gourds that mostly came from a preorder we placed with Bayou Gourds from Louisiana that we picked up at the show. Counting the little spinners that fit about 1,000 in a bushel, we brought home a couple thousand gourds all told.

Vidya scoured the show early the first morning buying all the good deals on giraffeable gourds.

This comes on the heels of  the previous weekend where she had the best single day of sales she has ever had, throwing her and Tulasi into a frenzy of activity during the week to generate some stock for the last weekend of her show season (not counting a November show she does at WVU just to spend some time with Marken who is going there).

Her plans for gourd purchasing had been thrown off by getting the Jackson Jubilee show she wasn’t counting on and doing well there, then doing better than expected at Yankee Peddler so we rented the U Haul and it was buy buy buy.

Although she negotiated discount prices for volume purchasing, it was still trickle down economics on a micro scale. Vidya did well so all the gourd sellers did well too. :-)

I spent some time skating around in my gourd costume, which was an improvement over the years I didn’t even have the energy to go to the show,  but still lacking the stamina to put in the hours being the unofficial show mascot that I used to.  I can push myself to do more but then I am strained and projecting the exuberance and happiness a costume requires becomes problematic. The smiling is harder than the skating at that point, so I have to go take a rest.

Busy today catching up with a lot of irons in the fire, including an appointment with an endocrinologist so I will cut this short.