Vidya got invited to a show she hadn’t done before at Jackson Mills State Park  near Weston, West Virginia over the Labor Day weekend called the Jackson Jubilee.  She did pretty well there saleswise  so that was good but she also caught the eye of the local media.

I didn’t go but Tulasi did and wore my gourd costume which made the front page above the fold. The photographer  sent us a copy of the paper.

Jackson Jubilee 2009 costume small

Caption: Tulasi Meberg of Moundsville is shown all decked-out in gourd regalia. Tulasi and his mother, Mary Meberg, of Middle Mountain Acres were on hand at the Jackson’s Mill Jubilee to show and sell their gourd craft creations. (Photo by John G. Wolfe)

See online version here.

Here is a picture of Vidya they didn’t use but sent me. She demonstrates at shows  as it attracts buyers and keeps production rolling.

Jackson Jubilee 2009 painting gourds small

She can talk to customers and paint at the same time! Tulasi talks and takes the money.