“Among residences I am Mount Sumeru, and of impervious places I am the Himalayas. Among trees I am the holy fig tree, and among plants I am those that bear grains.”

SB 11.16.21

Breakfast was some yoghurt with freshly ground flaxseed and…


Fresh figs are one of the opulences in my life. This year I might even get quite a few as I have never seen them ripen in clusters like this. The tree is loaded with green figs and if the warm weather holds for a few more weeks I could get dozens of them. We are in US horticultural zone 6, and I think zone 7 or south could enjoy figs for quite a while. We mostly get teased.

I have to wrap it up for the winter or it top kills. This year it came through the freezing weather in good shape.  I maybe could have unwrapped it a little earlier as it had started to grow by the time I opened it up but I can’t too early as a hard frost would really set it back.

unwrapping the fig

I have some closed cell foam insulation used to cover freshly poured concrete if a freeze is in the forecast. I cut back the fig,lash teh 4 stems I leave together, tie the insulation around it, then stuff it with dry leaves and pull a large plastic bag over the top.

It is some endeavor but the taste of fresh figs is a little addictive and they don’t show up in the stores around here, being a little too delicate for shipping.

Dried figs are nice but they are like raisins to grapes — two different things.

Anyone living in the South who doesn’t have a fig tree growing in their yard should have his/her head examined, IMHO.