I use WordPress blogging software for my blog, free using their hosting. They have recently added a feature that I have incorporated.

It is a simple way to index. All I had to do was drop a ten character sequence onto a page and it displays the index either by date or title. It would also work in a widget (those are the things that make up the little blocks in the sidebar). I just found out it also works in a post because I pasted in the actual characters and when I went to preview the post the whole index was there. :-)

I chose the  titles option in a Page which is reached by clicking on a link in the header of my blog.  It is called “Archived Posts By Title”, a stunningly transparent attempt at simplicity.

For those who don’t visit my blog directly but get it by email or feed reader and never see my header, here it is as a hot link:  Archived Posts By Title.

Regular access to the Archives are in the sidebar grouped by month. If you click on a month, you see 8 posts, title and text,then have to go to the bottom and click through page by page to see them all for that month.

Now you can go to Archived Posts By Title and see them all in one scrollable chunk. It is a lot easier to scan through them since including this post there are now 1,333 which would take forever 8 posts to a page.

Hopefully the titles are adequate for someone to be able to pick the ones relevant to their interest.  I do spend some energy writing titles, trying to make them relevant to the content of the post.

So if you have come to my blog sometime later than its June, 2005 start and I have managed to occasionally write something that interests you, you can now easily scan back through the titles and choose those that catch your eye.

An improvement on this would be having an option to include the category with the title, as that would help someone decide if it was relevant to their interest.

I went to the comments section of the WordPress announcement of this as I had a suggestion but comments were closed already. Fortunately a half dozen others had made the suggestion already.

Which would be to be able to limit to an individual category or tag and/or reverse index it.

That would be great when blogging about an event or trip. You could set up an index page and readers who hadn’t followed it day by day  could read through in the order it was written instead of going from the end to the beginning like now.

I have requested that about once a year. This is a huge step towards it and I am happy to see it.

Anyway, check it out, Archived Posts By Title.