We had our party and over 80 people showed up, including my three granddaughters. Lots of prasadam, including a sheet cake from Dharma, which just barely lasted to the end of the night.


All five of my kids were here at one time, a rare occurrence.

family shot

The boys might look big but I can still knock heads when it is needed — provided I sneak up behind them, catch them unawares, and have a clear line of retreat.

knocking heads

We had lots of stuff to do including a visit to ISCOWP and seeing some special cows.

Gracie with the cows

Vidya had bought at flea markets a small bike, a smaller bike with training wheels, and a tricycle so all the younger kids could have something to ride around on.

tulasi on trike

Time with the grandkids is precious, now I am left with pictures memories.

three grand daughters

A good few days.