The following pictures are pictures of pictures I took at an exhibition.

The original pioneers in North Dakota built houses out of sod. It is frozen for a long time in the winter and mostly dry in the summer so they would work. Still took a hardy sort to do it.

sod house

Family lore is when my great grandmother came she homesteaded at the edge of the Red River Valley where the terrain starts to roll. She cut into a bank and put logs over the top and covered it with sod the first winter. Wolves would come and howl on the roof.

The Red River Valley is perfect for growing potatoes.  Here is a picture of men digging a potato pit as we called them. Like a huge root cellar.

potato pit

Before mechanized harvesting equipment potatoes were picked by hand.  Men were men in those days so the competitive spirit was prominent and so for festivals there were competitive potato picking contests.

potato picking contest

My brother estimates that is about a thousand pounds of potatoes.

Jaded city folks opinions aside, there is still lots of fun to be had in country living, you just have to be purified enough to appreciate it.