what is it

Regular readers the last few days may be able to identify this using information gleaned from a recent post.  Clearly it is a stone, and, if one has a bit of geological background, the holes aren’t made naturally.

So a man has made the holes, what for?

I was having a conversation with Tapah Punjah and inviting him to our gathering next Wednesday and mentioned what one of the features will be.  He immediately told me to wait and went dashing off, returning with this stone, which he graciously allowed me to borrow for the party.

Someone had found this and given it to him. He was told it came from a larger formation.  Hopefully you tried to guess without looking at the next picture as all this blah blah blah has served merely to separate one picture from the other.

native american nutcracker

Sure enough, it is a Native American nutcracker.  Nuts roll, so instead of having to set up one nut and then smack it with a  stone, some enterprizing individual or tribe bore out holes to hold a lot of nuts still and really absorb the force of the blows, one after another in an efficient manner.

It might serve other purposes as well but as a nut cracker it is quite elegant.