We are having a gathering at our house on Wednesday, July 22nd.

Parking available in the hay field behind the firewood pile, try to keep off the roads when parking.

This will also be the place where the weekly community meeting (formerly known as “Istaghosti”) will be held with a brief meeting at 6 PM then on to the socializing. Everyone, as always, is encouraged to attend that.

The reason for the occasion is that all 5 of my children and all 3 granddaughters will be here for a visit, a rare confluence of lives any more. Vraja wanted to have a little gathering for her friends but Vidya sunk her teeth into it and it is spiraling out of control, with any and all now invited.

It is a potluck meal, which, for those unfamiliar with American culture, means everyone can bring some foodstuff to offer to everyone else.

Musical instruments welcome, no rigid schedule start playing anytime.

There  is wood for a large campfire if anyone has an interest in that.

Vidya says she is going to boil up some peanuts as we have a good sized stash of them she wants to use up.

I will have my Master Cracker setup with an abundance of black walnuts to try it out on.  I usually don’t mess with black walnuts, although I was obsessively collecting them last fall, because they are so hard to crack but with the Master Cracker  these gourmet nuts yield up their goodness.

Master Cracker

Master Cracker

Remember to hold your hand over the nut when cracking because the force exerted to crack it results in sharp shards propelled at pain inducing speed.

So come to our house and go nuts (in a subdued and KC sort of fashion, naturally).