JC Police add ‘pedal patrol’ to parks, neighborhoods
Officers on bicycles enhance community policing

JC Bike Patrol in Newtown Park
Officers Madhusudana Meberg and J.T. Ware in Newtown Park.

JOHNS CREEK, GA—The new Johns Creek Police Bicycle Patrol pedals into service today in parks, shopping centers and residential neighborhoods throughout the City.

Many U.S. cities have taken this informal approach to law enforcement for a number of years, finding that it brings a number of community policing advantages, beginning with the removal of the communications barrier of a patrol car.

“It’s much easier for most people to approach us on bicycles,” says Johns Creek Officer Madhusudana Meberg. “People tend to say ‘hi’ and talk to you when you’re not in a patrol car.”

“From a law enforcement perspective, a bicycle allows an officer access to areas that a car cannot go, such as trails, side yards and alleys. The department’s overall patrol abilities will be enhanced with the Bicycle Patrol,” says Johns Creek Police Chief Ed Densmore.

“It’s very effective when we’re pursuing a suspect on foot, for example,” Densmore notes. “It’s also less obtrusive than a patrol car, so in certain situations, a bicycle officer can provide a necessary low-key response.”

An additional advantage is the fact that children love bicycles, so they end up asking a lot of questions, giving an officer the opportunity for an informal chat about bike safety.

The JCPD Bicycle Patrol rides specially equipped Trek police bikes and work in teams of two, making regular patrols in the City’s Newtown, Ocee and Shakerag parks.

Enhancing the JCPD’s commitment to community policing, the new bicycle patrol is part of the PACT (Police and Community Together) program and officers will participate in neighborhood meetings, city events and bike safety rodeos.