My bags are packed sitting by Bhakta Ed’s door. After he finishes his daily yoga we will be heading to the airport and I will be home this evening. Not as quick as clicking my heels together and chanting “There’s no place like home” a few times but faster than the month it might take me to walk it if I was healthy enough to consider trying that.

It was fun to chant all my rounds this morning with Bhakta Ed because we have been friends since the 60s and used to chant together before I moved to New Vrindaban and joined ISKCON.

He says he can remember standing outside in the snow 30 some years ago and me teaching him the Govindam prayers, and that us chanting a full set of rounds together was like closing a circle for him.

Monday night my sister drove us up to Elbow Lake, Minnesota and we spent the evening visiting with two cousins and my aunt and uncle who although aged still have sharp minds and a sense of humor. My 80 something uncle still has an iron grip when shaking hands.

He has been remembering songs and looking the lyrics up on the internet, printing them out then putting them in a binder called “Paul’s Songs.” I read through them and it was a unique perspective into his life. Lots of hymns.

He sold cars all his life and noted that now he finds himself still selling cars in his dreams. He said he wishes he could quit.

My aunt is 82 and still exercising regularly. She ran 10K races well into her 70s.

I was envious of my cousin because deer aren’t an issue for him and he has a great collection of hostas.

The trip was great and fascinating for me, I don’t know how interesting it might be to others but I should write a few more observations about it later.