Bhakta Ed drove me up to Fargo, North Dakota and I spent the night with my sister Laura and got to catch up with my 2 nephews and my niece.

While we were talking Laura got a phone call and had to take the phone in the other room. When she came back she apologized for taking the call but said there had been a death so some crying was involved.

My sister is a fired up Christian who has been putting a lot of hours networking and promoting an event coming up at the Fargo Dome with a powerful wonan preacher named Beth Moore.

One of the women who she met through this was going to host something for promoting the event but she called to say she wouldn’t be able to because her brother had just died in a motorcycle accident and she wasn’t emotionally stable yet to keep her committement.

It turns out we had a family connection as one of my cousins I will be seeing on this trip had been on a group ride with him when the accident happened. My cousin rides with an American Legion group and they were riding with a Christian biker group at the time.

My cousin was lead rider and they hit an unmarked pothole. He was able to retain control but several bikers wiped out and the one left his body.

Apparently he was a well liked guy because 900 people showed up at his funeral, the largest funeral in the history of the town of 1,400.

He had been a wild biker type in his youth but later became a Christian minister. It is a pretty touching story.

“His pastor, the Rev. Bradley Schmidt, gave a long, impassioned sermon, opening with a request for the hundreds packed into the gym to remember that common sight of Ready seen so often: “Roger with his arms around two bikers’ shoulders, praying with them.” The mourners did the same, draping arms over the shoulders of someone next to them during Schmidt’s opening prayer.

“Schmidt, pastor of the Church of the Nazarene and wearing the black leather vest he received from Ready, ended the sermon the way he said Ready would want: with a strolling, hard-sell appeal for everyone in the crowd “to get right with God…”

“Local vets gave Ready a color-guard send-off, including a gun salute. The 200 bikers traipsed out of the service into the bright light, straddled their machines and revved up a motorcycle salute that ripped the air of Ready’s town…”

Read the whole story here:

900 attend funeral for Larimore, N.D., biker who died after motorcycle crash