“A human being who identifies this body made of three elements with his self, who considers the by-products of the body to be his kinsmen, who considers the land of birth worshipable, and who goes to the place of pilgrimage simply to take a bath rather than meet men of transcendental knowledge there, is to be considered like an ass or a cow. ”

Bg 3.40

I am heading out for a week to visit the place of my birth, Park River, North Dakota.  I will be seeing old friends and relatives.

Already I am feeling separation from my garden and despite a last few days’  push I am not where I want to be on the task list.

Some I blame on the weather because the space between my row of  gourds and the row of winter squash and lower places are full of weeds. I haven’t been able to till there for over a month. We had some dry weather around Memorial Day and I overextended myself doing tillage then but don’t regret that a bit because it hasn’t been tillable since.  We had a stretch in the early part of June where we had rain 14 of 17 days, and more since then.

It is a little frustrating because by this evening some of the weedy ground may be tillable, but I am packing and doing last minute paper work so that will consume today’s quota of energy, plus some weed control in the berries if I have excess energy.

Another reason is that I feel a little burst of enthusiasm and take on more stuff. Then I get tired and can’t follow up what I should be doing.Yesterday, instead of doing weed control in my berries, I planted beans, carrots and potatoes.  Those were in the upper beds where drainage is good and already thrown up into beds.

My first planting of beans mostly drowned out so I replanted the same bed in between the few survivors. The carrots I put into a bed where I had already dug early potatoes.

The potatoes went into a long bed that had been prepared but never planted. The weeds were lush and high but I just stuck the seed potatoes barely into the ground and then covered the bed with 12″ (30 cm) of hay.

The potatoes were seed Devananda and I had bought for a little larger project more in a field style but never got them in . They were well sprouted but with careful handling I was able to not break most of them off.

I have given a lot of those seed potatoes away and Devananda has done some small scale planting also but there will still be sacks of seed thrown away.

Anyway, I may or may not get blogging done for the next week, so don’t impute anything into missed days, I probably won’t have fallen into a diabetic coma.