I rested Friday before the 24 Hour Kirtan started so I had SOME juice to run on.  I checked it out as it started for a while then went home and laid down for a bit. I went back up in the afternoon and ran into Deet (former team mate from the Palace Guards,  a mixed adult and teenager roller hockey team we had in the 90s) who was scheduled in for 3:00 PM with a crew from Columbus so I made my move then.

There was room for some dancing by Lord Nshimadev’s altar as it was the tail end of the lunch prasadam serve out so lots of devotees were outside.  Conserving energy by not moving my torso laterally or vertically, I was able to dance for over a half hour.  It was good.

I went home, took a nap and came back for the evening, thus able to do some more dancing during Radhanath Swami’s prime time slot. The temple room was packed but I found some room back by the Panca Tattva diorama.

There I  got to see the best dancing in the house, IMHO. There was a 2 something year old girl dancing in that area. She had on a black and orange outfit with a wide skirt. It had sequins on it so she was twirling and looking down, watching the reflections.  Her mother was attentively watching her from the edge of the open space, letting do as she wished.

She would also clap her hands over her head. Not like bringing her hands up in one motion and clapping them, but doing a move.  One of those classical Indian dance moves, where she would bring them up over her head, then a slight hesitation, finishing with a rapid acceleration so she struck them together authoritatively right on the beat.

It seemed to be a more sophisticated move than would be expected from one so young, but she was repeating it and right in rhythm, so it wasn’t happenstance, she was consciously doing it. I was impressed and charmed.

The best T shirt of the festival was worn by a teenager who had designed it himself. The front said “Scottish Churches College Calcutta.”  I immediately loved it.  He said he didn’t get a lot of reactions to it but the ones he got were enthusiastic.  Wearing college and professional team  T shirts is common American apparel so to the casual eye it didn’t stand out — it caught me with the delayed reaction.

You will either get that or not, and I could let it stand there, but no need being culty, I guess. On the back of the T shirt was the name “A. Charan De”. Which would be the next level of figuring out why I liked it. Prabhupada’s legal name is Abhay Charan De.  He went to Scottish Churches College.

I told the kid if he did it in a soccer jersey style, I would buy a copy. Which brought up the discussion, what number to put on it.  The obvious response was “8”. Evolving the concept, I asked  Soma if the next time he went to India he could go to Scottish Churches College, check out their archives, and see if he could get the actual number Prabhupada had when he played soccer there.

His response indicated to me it might not be his top priority next time he goes to India. Maybe someone else interested in trivia will check it out.

I went to the last hour of the kirtan. The mood was infectious, but even though the spirit was willing, the flesh was weak and I ended up sitting in a chair instead of dancing.

It was still good.