As per a reader’s request here is a cat picture.

James chilling out

His name is James and he was missing Vidya this weekend because she was gone to the Pennsylvania Gourd Show near Lancaster, Pennsylvania.  I don’t dislike cats but I don’t give them any affection so when Vidya is gone they miss her.

Marken and his girlfriend Elizabeth went along with her to help with sales, setup and tear down, and so she would have time to go around and see the show and buy more gourds. His Navy logistics training came in handy because when it came time to pack the van he didn’t have to put any of the cargo bags on the roof, even though she bought more gourds then she sold.

They stayed in an Amish bed and breakfast. Although it had electricity and air conditioning — the English being the customers — there was no TV and, putting it out of the comfort zone of most ISKCON devotees, no internet.

Marken wanted to watch the Stanley Cup final game (Go Pens!) so they had to go out and find a sports bar to watch it.

One option while staying there was to get up at 5 AM and milk cows by hand. A guest from New Jersey did it and Vidya said when he came in for breakfast he looked pretty beat.

The breakfast was baked oatmeal, hand sliced whole wheat bread fresh from the oven, and fruit. There was dry cereal but who would want that? There were also omelets for the other guests but being vegetarian our crew had no use for that.

She did better than expected for a small show.  The show was on an Amish guy’s farm so it only ran Friday and Saturday, as they are quite strict about honoring the Sabbath, one of those commandments most Christians skip over anymore, or only loosely follow.

We know Eli,  the host whose farm the show was on,  from the Ohio Gourd Show and have purchased gourds from him and another Amish guy, Henry, who lives close by. Friday night Vidya went over to Henry’s and picked up gourds she had ordered previously.

As the show was closing, Eli came and took all the painted birdhouses that Vidya had left. He is going to sell them in an Amish run gift shop.  He is going to pay for them with gourds. He will deliver them to our house as he passes by on the way to the Ohio Gourd Show next September.

Amish don’t own vehicles or drive themselves but they hire English for business trips.

Anyway, she is home and the cats are purring again while her birdhouses are still out working to get sold.