I am busy, very busy and tired, very tired, which is why I am not giving more detail about what is going on in my garden which is both exciting and frustrating with successes and failures.

We had some dry weather leading up to Memorial Day so I made a push to get some ground worked up.  I used adrenaline to drive myself for 4 straight days. Of course, I still didn’t get up to full time work, but was having some 8 hour days, fairly physical.

I worked hard Memorial day morning up to 2 in the afternoon then went to a cookout and consumed about 10,000 calories and sat up for the rest of the day.

For the next two days I couldn’t get off the couch, had to lay down the whole time which was a reminder to myself why I pace myself normally and don’t push, because if I do push hard I end up too wasted to do anything and it all averages out anyway.

I usually spend a few hours on the couch in the afternoon, one reason for which is if I don’t my ankles swell up, even if I just sit up all day, I need the feet up time. Now I have realization that I also need the rest.

The third day I was able to sit up but it was the fourth before I was able to go out again.

I also had my monthly blood work results come back showing all 3 liver enzyme results as being high, the first time that has happened since my liver transplant 3 years ago. I don’t know if that is a cause for my seemingly increased fatigue or if the overexertion was the cause of the high enzymes.

I may have hit my peak and now be on the downside of energy levels again. I had been feeling better this spring than since 2004, hopefully I can get back up to at least that level.

Anyway, I keep picking away at the garden using all the available energy I do have and am not too far behind. So the busy is relative to energy, not time. Hopefully I can provide more details on the garden later.