Kirtanananda: They know that if people take up the chanting, gradually they will give up this technology.
Prabhupada: That is, of course.
Kirtanananda: You are actually putting the seeds of their destruction.
Prabhupada: Yes. No, what is destruction? It is, rather, construction. (laughter) He’ll live. He’ll live forever. This is destruction….So everyone is getting milk? How much?
Kirtanananda: As much as they want.
Prabhupada: As much as they want, then jaundice. (laughter) Too much is not good. They may take minimum half pound per head.
Kirtanananda: Minimum.
Prabhupada: Minimum. And maximum one pound. Not more than that. But “Because there is enough, let us eat,” no. That is not good. But children must get at least one pound, milk. If they drink more milk they become stout and strong.

New Vrindaban, June 24, 1976, room conversation

Pint is a pound, so half a pound is one cup (.24 liter).  That is one thin  slice of cheese or one sweet ball, milk being 13% solids.

Anymore than that a day and Prabhupada is saying it is not good.

So the question is if SP is only authorizing one cup a day, does the concept of ajnata-sukrti, unknowing devotional service, still apply to amounts greater than that (NOT stipulating that it does even for the first cup)? That the cow benefits if her milk is offered even if she isn’t protected?

Is it a genuine offering to Krishna, or is it an offering made only for the purposes of being able to enjoy the milk product?

Why take the chance, donate to cow protection programs now and at least a real cow in real time will be protected via the milk offset concept.