“The idea is how to think of Krsna. That’s all. That is the yoga. Even in taking prasadam, you are thinking of Krsna, “Oh, it is very nice. Krsna has tasted. It is very nice.” That is Krsna consciousness. That is yoga. Is there any yoga system in the world that you can become a yogi simply by eating? Is there any yoga system? Just try to understand.

“Is there any yoga system simply by digging earth for gardening one can become a yogi? Is there any yoga system? Here the boys, when they dig earth for planting rose flower for Krsna, he is thinking, “Oh, the flower will be nice. It will be offered to Krsna.” There is immediately yoga. Just try to understand how nice it is. Whatever you do, if it is done for Krsna, then you are in the highest perfectional stage of yoga. And anyone can do it.”

Bhagavad-gita 7.1 Lecture — Los Angeles, March 12, 1970

We had rain 11 of the first 15 days in May but now it has dried up enough to till so I am trying to hit it hard.  Thunderstorms in the forecast for the next several days so there is a sense of urgency as beans remain unplanted, tomatoes and peppers untransplanted. Other stuff could go in too.

When I was still healthy, time was the limiting factor. Now I have that, the limiter is energy. I work until I can’t anymore, then rest and go again when I can. The rest periods are equal to or greater than the work periods.  I used to be able to go all day in situations like this with soil dry enough to be worked and rain in the forecast but now I am a prisoner of my own weakness.

Still, I have sufficient beds rototilled, poked with the broadfork (penetrates deeper than a tiller). thrown up into raised beds (more like terraces in my case as the garden slopes some) and raked ready to go. Even if it rains the planting will be doable if if some rain catches me before completion.

Now I am trying to do the rest of the garden for planting butternut and spaghetti squashes, and gourds. This would all be extra, more than I planned to do, but it woould be nice to have enough squash to eat all winter and the gourds are like money as we buy a lot of them. When I was healthy I used to gorw surplus and sell above what Vidya used.

Still eating asparagus so it doesn’t all seem too focused on the future, there is soem for the here and now.