It’s been quite a run. Wednesday Hari Bhakta sponsored a feast for noon prasadam in memory of the one year anniversary of his wife’s leaving her body. That evening there was a gathering in the temple with feast to remember Jayananda.

Thursday was Lord Nrshimadev’s Appearance Day and being so close to the Festival of Inspiration a lot of devotees came in early so that was quite a festive event.

Friday through Sunday was the FOI and it was great but by Sunday noon I was almost looking forward to having a mundane Monday.  Except that ain’t gonna happen because today I am going with the devotees from the Hungarian farm project up into Amish country to make a pilgrimage to Lehman’s Nonelectric Harware store.

They also are wanting to visit some Amish but we will have to see how that goes. Amish aren’t into proselytizing and are fairly private. It’s not like you can call them up, either, to make an appointment.  You sort of have to know them.

My only Amish friend is out in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, too far to go visit.  We will just have to go there and play it by ear.  Gopish is going to drive us up there.

Everyone had a different experience at the FOI, mine was mostly hanging out and talking to devotees, and even then I didn’t get around to everyone I would have liked to  — so much katha, so little time.

I almost hate to point out any highlights because I might be seen as slighting some others, so consider anything I mention today or later as randomly selected.

One high point was during a Srimad Bhagvatam class that was ostensibly given by Devamrta Swami, somehow it segued to Ramesvara who was visiting the festival.  He gave a wonderful and often humorous story about the sacrifices the devotees in LA did during the production  of the Chaitanya Charitamrta, 17 volumes of which were published in about a year and a half.  A feat considered impossible at the onset but Prabhupada had said that impossible is a word in a fool’s dictionary and they did manage to pull it off.

I have to confess I have some mixed feelings about Ramersvara returning to ISKCON but,  letting go of the past, the intensity of being in the moment  in the temple room during that class was a wonderful shared experience with all the devotees hearing about a marathon team effort that was inspired by Srila Prabhupada.

It made me remember another side of it. After each book would be received from the printer, copy was immediately sent out to every temple and then they would make their orders for distribution.

So there we would be in New Vrindaban at that time, maybe a 120-150 devotees,  all wanting to read the latest nectar and only one copy. Also, I might add, everyone in a very work ethic oriented environment with little time for reading.

The way it was resolved is that Taru would be given the day off from his regular service and he would read it. Then in the evening the devotees would gather and he would retell what he had read during the day.

Meanwhile, my garden gate remains unhung and various chores have been let go. The ground has been wet the whole time so so at least I haven’t lost any tilling time which I do need as some broccoli I was given is getting leggy and the rest of my tomatoes have to go out. The ground is warming up so it is time to plant beans but until a get a few days of dry weather … Maybe Wednesday is the best I can hope for at present. More on the FOI later.