As always, too many things to write about and too little possibility of really capturing the spirit of it. Mostly I just hang out and talk to devotees.

One was Yadubara, who was set up selling his DVD series, Following Prabhupada. From the website:

“In October 2006, ISKCON Cinema released the first DVD in the digitally restored set entitled “Following Srila Prabhupada”.  The films are presented chronologically, beginning with the first film of Srila Prabhupada at Dr. Misra’s Ananda Ashram, and ending with his last days in Vrindavan. There are three audio tracks, which include a kirtan and live audio track, a lecture track and a remembrances track with commentary of those who appear in the films.

“Included in the set will be several newly discovered films of Srila Prabhupada in Germany, Italy, Mayapur, Sweden, Detroit and Los Angeles. One DVD will be released every three to four months up to a total of 11, each approximately 2 1/2 to 3 hours in length. DVD 8 was released December 15, 2008.”

Even I, who rarely to never buys DVDs,  bought DVD 8 because he has a Festival of Inspiration super special price of $5.

To the joy of his many fans who are subscribed to the series, DVD 9 is available at the FOI.

The evening was chock full of entertainment.  Besides the scheduled events going on in the main tent, there was a sweet bhajan going on in the temple room, and a hormone kirtan was raging in the yajnashalla outside in the sitkirtan style.

After the scheduled performers were through in the main tent and most of the crowd dispersed,  musician after musician got up on the stage and played for another hour or more, including both local and imported talent.

Tonight is the big show with ISKCON rock star performer TK  who has put together a band since arriving here a week early.  Bhakta Raghava Swami is also here and will be putting on a play.

Besides the snack bar and the fast moving lines for the regularly served prasadam, there were several other prasadam vendors so no one at any time was suffering from the whip of hunger.

Anyway,  I feel compassion for those who are missing it, maybe next year for you guys.  I could write more but prefer to go to the temple to catch more of the nectar.