I was running around Moundsville, our nearest town, the other day doing errands. At about 4 different places, waiting in line or chatting with acquaintances,  I was making casual conversation about local news.

The latest was a 3 story apartment building that burned rapidly during the night. A woman’s cats woke her up and she was able to alert other residents so everyone got out without any deaths, although 5 were rescued from windows and 2 had to jump, one from a second story window and one from the third story.  The third story jumper broke both his arms and legs.

Because of the broken limbs he was in the hospital and missed a court date. The court date was a result of another local news story from a couple of months ago and here is where it gets interesting. The reason he was going to court was for throwing a cat out of that same third story window.

When he threw the cat out, some kids were walking by and reported him to the police. He was arrested. The cat was taken to the pound but its injuries were too severe and it had to be put down.  This had enraged all the cat lovers and even people who eat dead cows love cats, so it was quite the buzz.

The most interesting thing to me was as I was relating this story, which most people were already familiar with, twice the response was the same, from two different people I had never met before, “Karma.”

Both gave the same unsolicited, unelaborated response. The first time I thought it was unique, but the second time I had to see it as a pattern, how Vedic culture has started to permeate Western culture to the extant that 2  people out of 4 groups  in Moundsville, WV, not usually considered a cosmopolitan place,  came to the same conclusion.  That it was karma for a guy who threw a cat out a window to later be forced to jump from that same window.