We had announced an asparagus planting party at the temple for Sunday morning but Krishna had another idea. The soil was still a bit too wet and working the clay soils of New Vrindaban when wet ruins their structure and takes years to recover.

It was borderline, and considering that we had another couple of days before predicted rain,we  deferred tilling it. Plan B was mulching the berries and nut trees that had already been planted.

Several devotees came out to help.  Three young guys from the Pittsburgh yatra who had come down for the Sunday program came out after doing hari nama parikrama around the grounds.  Ananda Vidya, full time book distributor extraordinaire in town for some rejuvenation, came out. We even had Das (AKA Dasartha das) make a special trip from Pittsburgh specifically to get his hands dirty in growing food for devotees.


We spread newspapers on the berries and used last year’s leftover hay from the goat’s summer pen to cover it. We also scooped up leaves from the  gutters of the brick roads to use, a great source of harvestable organic matter plus it was multitasking because the gutters do need to be cleaned as part of routine maintenance.

Soma used his truck for hauling the hay and I used Vidya’s wash tub collection to clean the gutters.  Hari Bhakta was naturally there as were his two children, so we managed to get a lot done which is always enlivening.