HARE KRISHNA Please accept my humble obeisances. All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

There was a fire on the New Santipur (Poland) farm yesterday (Friday April17).

In the result of it the house and the barn has been completely burned. The cows didn’t suffer any injuries nor did they lose life but they lost all the hay and the barn, so they have no place to stay in now. The farm is in the mountains so there is no fresh grass available there at the moment as the spring comes in May and one can pasture the cows from mid May there or June.

If anyone could help financially or in any other way, pls contact either me or the temple president there, H.g. Raghunatha Prabhu.

tel. 0048-78 142 86 02

or 0048-75 742 88 92


or Raghunath.HKS@pamho.net

Thank you
Hare Krishna
Your servant
Gopala Acarya dasa