“Pious acts are prescribed in the supplementary Vedas (smrtis), which specifically mention digging tanks and wells for the water supply of the people in general. To plant trees on the public roads, to construct public temples and places of worship of God, to establish places of charity where the poor destitutes can be provided with foodstuff, and similar activities are called purta.”

SB 2.8.21

There is an organic input supplier up near Canton, OH called Ohio Earth Food.  As I have never been able to find a local supplier for rock phosphate, that is where I get it from.  It is about 2 and 1/2 hours away.

There is a Mennonite guy from Ohio who bought some land next to us who comes down here to go hunting.  He lives just a few miles from Ohio Earth Food. He has offered in the past if I ever wanted anything from there to call him and he would bring it down so I called him.

He isn’t coming here until the end of April but said he was coming to Cadiz, OH to another property he owned so last Saturday I met him there. It was only a 50 minute drive so it made getting supplies more doable. I called in an order Friday which he picked up and met him at his Cadiz place at 9 AM Saturday.

I  got rock phosphate for myself as well as several other New Vrindaban gardeners. I also got Maxicrop, a liquid seaweed which I am a big fan of for easing transplant shock and foliar feeding, some Rotenone/Pyrethrum to use for flea beetles for a potato planting I am going to do with Devananda, and some organic herbicide.

I know that organic herbicide sounds weird, but anytime there is a deer fence, it is a big hassle keeping the weeds down under it. It is hard to use a weedeater because hitting the wire really goes through the string. Thus I want to play with this and see if it is effective.

They had a couple of kinds and I picked one rather arbitrarily called Burnout. The ingredients list is as follows:

Citric acid 30%
Clove oil 18%
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 9%
Mineral oil, lecithin, water 43%

We will see how it works but it sounds all like stuff that will break down. This isn’t a selective herbicide, it supposedly will fry any broad leaf or grassy weeds.

Anyway, after I loaded the stuff from his truck into our van, we talked for a while, mostly about trees. He had planted some Chinese chestnuts on his property as food for deer but they hadn’t done that well because of deer damage.

I shared some tree wisdom tidbits I had picked up in discussions.

“One generation plants a tree, the next sits in it’s shade.” Chinese proverb.

There was a tree that took 50 years to come into fruiting. The people said that was too long but the king said we should plant it immediately. (Story via Soma.)

My neighbor shared the following with me. Someone bought a new property and wanted to plant some trees on it to improve its value. He sought advice from a nurseryman and asked when was the best time to plant trees. The nurseryman replied, “Twenty years ago.”