First, let me be clear that I lack both  the will and  the technical expertise to ever do this, so this is simply an exercise of the imagination.

This past Sunday Vidya, Devananda and myself drove up to Beaver, Pennsylvania to check out the Maple Syrup Festival. We were scouting it as a place for Vidya to sell her crafted gourds. Devananada was checking out their maple syrup operation.

Devananda tapped about 40 trees in New Vrindaban this spring and made 3 gallons of maple syrup. He is thinking of expanding his operation so it was an information gathering mission for him.

The nice thing was that he is not one to waste his time, so he brought his guitar along to practice during the journey so we had live inflight music. Such an opulence.

We thought it might be a good festival to sell at because the attendance was reported to be 30,000.  That may be true but it turned out most of them weren’t coming to the festival for the crafts.

What they were coming for was pancakes. We learned this standing in line for the shuttle bus taking us from the parking lot to the festival area itself.  I was talking to the couple in front of us in line andthey were there for the pancakes.  We also noted that people returning on the shuttle bus weren’t carrying very many bags, which indicated they weren’t buying a lot of crafts.

When we got to the festival there was a huge line, with at least a thousand people standing in it waiting for pancakes. The pavilion they were being served in sat 500 and  was packed.

We walked around the festival and talked to some vendors to get the scoop. We also saw a steam engine running a grain mill with a belt drive that was making buckwheat flour and some ladies in period costume making lace using bobbins.

After more than an hour as we were leaving, we saw the couple I had talked to while waiting for the shuttle bus still in the line, about half way through it which naturally made me think those must be some good pancakes.  Hence the idea for a Youtube video.

First would be to do an establishing shot of the long line, then a devotee would get into the end of the line.  He would be chanting and we would  see him finishing a round and sliding down his first counter bead. Then a cut and we would see him again in the line but with lots of people behind him. Still chanting we would see him slide down the 16th counter bead, indicating he had chanted all his rounds, meaning 1 1/2 to 2 hours had elapsed.

Then he would start reading the Bhagavad Gita at the beginning. Another long shot showing more progress in the line but still not at the head of it. A cut back to the book showing most of the pages will have been read.  He pulls out kartalas and through cuts it is indicated he does bhajan for a long time.

He finally gets to the head of the line but before he buys a ticket for the pancakes he asks, “Do they have eggs in them?”