The 1st day of April is also known as April Fool’s Day, when it is traditional to play tricks on family and friends. Vidya is always into it.

We have some daffodils coming up by the Carpathian walnut tree next to the driveway.  She took some silk flowers and stuck them in the daffodil foliage. She then called several of her friends the day before who she knows are into flower arrangements and told them that she had all these nice flowers that had came out and there was a frost warning so they needed to be picked.  Then she stuck a metal frog in amongst them that said April Fools on it.

They looked very real and she got several people with it both the ones she called and a couple who stopped by incidentally.

I was tricked by Janardhan.  I am planting 15 nut trees, including chinese chestnuts, heartnuts, chinquapins,  hardy almonds,  hardy pecans, a hazelnut, and a filbert.  I can do the actual planting but lack the stamina to do the heavy lifting.  I can do some, but not fast enough to take advantage of when soil conditions are right so Janardhan has been helping me.

He  digs the holes and carries buckets of compost and water to them so when I plant everything is there. It is on a hillside and I only have limited  trips up and down in a given day.  He has those young inexhaustible legs.We were getting the water from a spring catch above the area I am planting the trees in so multiple trips were involved.

Once I get a tree planted, paying attention to fanning the roots out in all directions and respecting the different levels that the roots grow at, they need to be watered as even though I tamp the dirt as I back fill it, the water will carry soil particles and fill any voids that remain. Air pockets kill roots. You have to do the watering in even if it is raining, because rain isn’t enough.

I was soaking trees in water by the spring so the roots didn’t dry out  and would have Janardhan bring then down one at a time when I was ready to start on another hole.

As he was bringing me the last one for the day,  he handed me a twig with no roots that I knew wasn’t a tree for planting. I immediately got irritated and started to chaste him for wasting my time by bringing the wrong thing when the right one was so obvious in the bucket.  He started laughing and pulled the real tree from behind his back.

He totally got me, even when I was completely aware it was April Fool’s Day and should have been on my guard.   Very funny, Janardhan.

FYI, we also got all the berries planted except the lingonberries and the plum berry which are coming from a different grower.  Vidya did virtually all the actual putting into the ground of the berries so we got them in before it rained and made the ground too wet.

We got 8 trees planted and I have 7 more chilling out in the root cellar to plant when soil conditions get right again.

In the meantime I need to get 5′ x 5′ chicken wire cages up around the 8 already planted to protect them from deer and mulch them.  Plus finish up the garden fence around the berries and get them mulched.

Then I hope to have some energy to help Soma help Hari Bhakta planted the 40 nut trees, 150 asparagus , and a couple of dozen or so gooseberries and goji berries that Hari Bhakta bought to plant on temple property in memory of his wife. They are both jazzed up so the enthusiasm is contagious.

Anyone else wanting to help can contact any of us and we can plug you in.  Planting 40 treees is a lot of work. Come help plant for Krishna.