“O brahmanas [teachers], as iron attracted by a magnetic stone moves automatically toward the magnet, my consciousness, having been changed by His will, is attracted by Lord Visnu, who carries a disc in His hand. Thus I have no independence.”

SB 7.5.14

When my wife does craft shows, if she sees something she likes she will try to trade her gourds for it. So when a lady at the Richmond show came to our booth and wanted to trade magnetic jewelry for some gourds, she could hardly say no.

Neither she nor myself wear jewelry of any kind but the claim was that by wearing the bracelet for a week, it would stop minor aches and pains. We thought of who we could give them to as we made the trade.

As aches and pains are a normal part of aging, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to try it for a while. I can’t say if really helped much, at least for me, though I do know people who swear by wearing magnets for pain relief so different strokes for different folks I guess.

It wasn’t a true test I suppose because I stopped wearing it before the week was up.

When I was planting potatoes, I had so few I was simply digging in the loose dirt and pushing the potatoes in by hand. When I finished I looked at the bracelet.


It was covered with iron that had been in the soil. Some of the big pieces are recognizable as the twists in chicken wire, but the whole thing was covered with what seems to the eye as  small bits of stone but which are apparently iron.  They were between every piece.

Magnets are made by running strong electrical currents through iron. The clasps of the bracelet are made of magnetized iron. To separate them, you have to bend them apart, as straight pulling would break the bracelet.

The rest of the bracelet is hematite which is itself weakly magnetic. As even regular iron becomes temporarily magnetized when in contact with a magnet, the hematite is even more so. Ergo there was iron grit between every piece of the bracelet.

I cleaned it by running the clasp magnets over the hematite as it was stronger and attracted the grit. I  then had only to pull it off the clasps with my fingers.

It made me thing how Krishna is the Ultimate Attractive Force. The great souls are those who through the purest contact with Krishna have become magnetized themselves, and if we can stay in contact with the great souls, we also can become both attracted and attractive to Krishna and help draw out Krishna consciousness in others.