I recently got a poison ivy rash on my arm. I used to be immune so have always been a bit cavalier about contacting it. This must have come from a vine that was tangled up in a grape vine that was choking a weed tree that I removed to give the sunlight to an apple tree because I don’t remember seeing it. Which even if I had I would have handled it anyway.

At first I didn’t recognize it until it was bothering my sleep one night. I tried some jewelweed soap I had stockpiled for such an occasion but that didn’t work.

I have what I think is a fungus under one toenail and have been treating it with tea tree oil. On a whim I applied some to the poison ivy rash. To my pleasant surprise, it soothed the itching almost instantly. After that maybe twice a day the itching would start up, I’d put on the tea tree oil, and it would stop.

Spring is here in the Northern Hemisphere and for those not slaves to climate controlled environments, that means getting out and about and poison ivy is lurking more places than you think. I have seen it in vacant lots and crawling up porches in cities.

If you do contact poison ivy, wash ASAP with cold water and soap. Hot water opens the pores. Even rubbing it with mud if far from soap can help. Usually getting it off timely prevents rash but if you do get one, remember tea tree oil.