The last three nights I spent in a motel in Richmond, Virginia. The view out our window was a sign for a restaurant called”Soul Delicious.”  Unavoidably I was mediating on that quite a bit. Besides the pun “So Delicious”, when the curtain is half closed, it reads “Soul-licious”. I was thinking how Krishna is Soul-licious.

FYI, the restaurant itself had two steam tables, one with veggies and one with meat dishes. There was mac and cheese, fresh string beans, lima beans, sweet corn off the cob, mashed potatoes, dressing, and candied yams. All really simple and really good. I asked the cook and there was turkey in the collard greens so we avoided that. There was a great cornbread with every plate. It was charged at $5.99 @ pound (454 grams) which I thought was an interesting way to simplify the menu billing.

We’ll be back home in time for lunch at the temple tommorrow, I hope. My comment the next time I am at the temple will be “Krishna prasadam is Soul-licious.”