Vidya has a craft show she is going to try out in Richmond, Virginia,the  22nd Annual Virginia Spring Show,  March 13-15, 2009 (Friday thru Sunday). We will be leaving for it the day after Gaura Paurnima, which is next Tuesday.

Today I was making motel reservations and printing out directions.  On the way down and back  we are going to stay at old time New Vrindaban resident Bhakta Rasa’s and the directions on his website used Google maps. As I drilled down to get details I saw a photo of his house indicated on the map. It was actually three photos — one what the road ahead would look like when arriving, one of the house itself, and one looking back the other way.

I called Vidya over to look at them so we would have an idea what to look for when arriving. She asked if there was a photo of our house.  I was doubtful but checked it out here.

I went to “More” at the top,  checked Photos and voila! There was a picture of the Palace. It was in the wrong place — showed at Bahulaban — but I never would have seen it if it was in the correct place so it was serendipitous.

I was curious how it got there so followed the yellow brick road to Panoramio. This is a company that was bought by Google so now it is integrated. You can upload photos to Panoramio and after a few weeks they show up on Google maps. There are standards and every photo is looked at before it gets onto Google maps, but it is doable.

If anyone is looking for something to do,  they could make a project of taking pictures of New Vrindaban and getting them on the map.  Or any other place for that matter.   A temple, your home, anyplace you want.

It would be nice if someone would take up the task of doing New Vrindaban, so jump in any time.