It’s pruning time for trees here and I was planning to take a lower limb off my Carpathian Walnut tree so I can drive under it for shade in the heat of  summer. Soma has been studying grafting so he came and cut the branch for me and then took scion wood from it which is the terminal growth of branches.


I used to keep bees and still have some old wax left from cappings so we melted it on the woodstove. Soma would cut a few then bring them in and dip the ends in wax.


He repeated this until he had almost 50 pieces. The wax keeps them from drying out.


Then he put them in a sealed plastic bag and put the bag in the refrigerateur.

When May rolls around and new growth starts on trees, he will graft the scions onto black walnut trees which grow wild around here.  The idea is that the black walnut will be rootstock for the carpathian which are a much easier nut to harvest and shell.

Hopefully this would bring the trees into bearing carpathian walnuts much faster than planting out bought trees like the one I have that took 12 years to come into bearing.