Mr. Handsome Moo-cow arrived by trailer in New Vrindaban yesterday.  I thought I had a good picture of him and his friend Shannon who brought him but somehow I misclicked or whatever so only got a picture of the back of her head. She stayed a while to see how he reacted and to reassure him in his new surroundings. She is going to come back over the next few days and see how he is doing.

Here he is with his first look at a cow. He is five years old and has never been with other cows.


To slowly acclimatize him, we put him in a pen with some older lame cows and a Jersey heifer away from the main herd. When left to his own, he walked near to where the cows were checking them out very calmly.


Soon the jersey heifer came over and stood looking at him from close by.  He walked over to her and touched noses, his first time touching another cow.


He was interested in a more but she walked away. I am sure that relationship will develop over the next few days.

When we left the barn, he was still very calm about everything though he did have a somewhat quizzical look in his eyes,  not only seeing a cow for the first time but also never having been in such a big barn before.  He has been living outdoors the last two years.


He is very friendly so visit if you have the chance. Kamalavati dd was there when he arrived and is going to be keeping a special eye on him.


Excuse the weird eyes in all the picture but the flash was going off in the barn.

New Vrindaban has the management, labor,  land and barns for way more cows than we have now.  The only lack is money.

At the peak of Kirtanananda’s delusion that cow protection meant milk production, there were over 360 cows in the barn. We now have less than 100 so there is plenty of room.

If someone were committed to the care for a cow for its lifetime, we could add a lot more. Please contact me if you are interested. I wish I could do more to encourage devotees to donate to cow protection, I feel like I have been negligent.

I set up a little webiste to funnel donations to the cows here but it hasn’t been very successful which speaks to my lack of marketing skills.  If anyone does feel moved to donate, you can do so here.