“So pleasure means absence of pain. So in your spiritual identity there is no pain, therefore it is simply pleasure. Therefore our endeavor should be how to get our again original spiritual body. Spiritual body is there already. It is covered by the material body, but some way or other, if we stop the covering of the material body, then we are simply in pleasure.

“Therefore our only attempt in this human body should be how to revive our spiritual body. And that process is Krsna consciousness.”

Room Conversation with Metaphysics Society — February 21, 1975, Caracas

I went in this morning and had bloodwork drawn which involves sitting in a waiting room and then having a big needle stuck in my arm. Not a fun thing. This has been a regular part of my life for several years now, maybe as many as 5. It has varied from weekly (daily immediately post liver transplant) to monthly which it has been lately.

As I have heard from athletes at the Transplant Games higher doses of Prograf, the immune system suppressant I take to stop rejection, sap your strength. I have had the feeling my dosage was higher than necessary and contributing to my lack of energy, ergo I have always had an appeal in to get it lowered.

I recently had a liver biopsy and the guy in the bed next to me was only taking 2 mg a day while I had been taking 10 mg. I have spoken to others who also have that low rate. The rationale that has always been offered to me is that different bodies metabolize the drug at different rates.

The doctor who was always resisting lowering has left the hospital I am monitored at so I asked for a review and they lowered my rate to 8 mg a day. My coordinator said I would have to go to biweekly tests so they can watch and see how I react to the lower dose.

I was late on my monthly so I asked if I should still get it and she said it was okay to wait for the two weeks so this is the longest I have gone without a blood test in 4-5 years. That absence of pain has been a pleasure to me.

I will now have to pay the piper with biweeklys but I am feeling better. I don’t know if that is attributable to the lowered dose or a placebo effect in me expecting to be better, but I am. It could be the lengthening day length even, but I will take it.

Usually I have a half day in me but I have had some longer ones recently. I got the brace posts all cut and delivered to my garden fence project and been working on next year’s firewood. I like to have it all stacked by the end of April, ideally.

The chain oil plug on my chain saw got banged and one of the tabs got knocked off which weirdly enough made a little hole so oil is leaking out. I stuffed some gum wrapper tin foil in it as a field expedient method to keep cutting but stopped by at Kennedy Hardware on my way home from the hospital to get a replacement.

Waiting in line I heard a customer talking to a friend about a farmer that had died recently. He got a little ding in a fingernail, it got infected, spread through his body and he died.

They were sayig how shocked they were because he was only 65 and very fit. They said he could throw a 50-60 pound (25 Kg) bale of hay from the ground up 10 feet (3 m) into the hay loft. Death can come anytime to anyone.

It reminded me of a story my father told. His father got an infection. A red line started going up his arm, and if it got to his heart he would have died. My grandmother nursed him by soaking his arm in epsom salts for an extended period of time and saved him.