After a good period of freezing weather we had a thaw and rain.   This soaked up the ground making it heavier and a slip occurred.  Slip is local jargon, it is what they would call a mud slide in places like California.

The road down into Viola is totally blocked.  Here is Soma checking it out.


This is the scene on the lower side of the slip. That is a road underneath the mud.


The top of the slip is all the way up by the grazing area behind the Palace, where the Kulimela held events. The flat part is right behind Soma. This is between the end of the paver walkway back of the Palace and where the Buddhapada was. A lot of  what slipped on the topside  was fill from when the area was leveled during the Palace construction.


Here is a view of the hole it made in the forest.


About 15 years or so ago I built a fence along the forest line so the cows in the barn by the temple would have a pasture. Even though the ground slipped away from underneath it the end posts were braced well enough that the fence remained intact.


The browner color at the bottom of the post is where it used to be in the ground.  It is suspended in the air now.

When we were checking out the slip, we saw Gopal down in the forest. With the road blocked, he can’t get down to the water and sewage treatment plant without going way around on Sand Hill Ridge and that is a lot of miles out of the way.

It is essential he goes there because our system  operates under state and federal regulations and one requirement is daily testing of both the potable water  and  treated sewage. Without compliance we would be shut down.

There is an 100+ old logging road that goes through the forest so Gopal,  even in the subfreezing weather,  was taking his ATV down to do the sampling. A tree had fallen so although he could get down, his normal way back up (it is a very steep hill, almost a cliff in places)  was blocked and he got in a bit of a bind so we went over the hill to offer him a hand.


He manged to get it going again and turned back down the hill to take the long way around.

Tejo and he have the “whatever it takes” attitude necessary to keep the water flowing for the devotees and Deities.

The slip doesn’t affect normal access to New Vrindaban so don’t change any plans to visit. If New Vrindaban to you is a long grey strip with the Palace and temple at the end,  you wouldn’t even notice the slip had happened,