Thunder Beings you talk to me when the air is warm.
To see your mighty billowing face, in awe, I am reborn.
Oh Great Spirits, I call to thee for power, protection and guidance.
Show me the visions, what I need to see, holy ones you honor me.

The mighty flash of lightning across this barren field.
See the power, feel the warmth, and hear the sword lift and wield.
Thunder Beings with mighty voices that echo through the night.
My people are sad and lonely, lost without a cause.
Earth is crying and the stars watch as the silence falls.

How can I save the people that are on the road so lost?
How can I help them find hope with a just cause?
So hard to explain it, so easy as it seems.
Thunder Beings, strike me down, my heart is crying.

I carry this heavy burden upon my small small heart.
Great Beings I ask, crying, that you help me do my part.

I hear the echo again and again of the power inside.
The thunder of my soul, the lightning I will ride.
Thank you Thunder Beings for insights untold.
I will walk and teach the way of the long winding Red Road.