On the topic of blogging, photos come into it occasionally so in keeping with the general principle that through a guru is a good way to approach a topic, here is a link to someone who seems to know what he is talking about (after reading his points, see this blog post about the Festival of Inspiration and evaluate the photos given your new found knowledge(check out the FOI link even if you aren’t interested in photographic technique)):

21 Ways to Shoot Better Photographs

Do you want to sharpen your creative picture taking instincts? Do you want to combine new ideas with your current projects and techniques? These techniques will be better executed with digital cameras and meant as some direction or guidelines to taking ‘better‘ pictures. You are your cameras best viewfinder!

Why digital as opposed to film you say? You don’t have to buy tons of film if you are learning new ideas and trying different things and also you see the results right away.

That being said some of these photos were taken with Polaroid film. Polaroid has such an expressiveness to the colors and creates unique one of a kind images every time. The film is expensive but worth it. Once you get some basics down, experiment with film.


1. PerspectiveAnsel Adams once said, “A good photo is knowing where to stand.” Explore your surroundings and take multiple shots from various angles. Look for vantage points that capitalize on the best available light, ones that have the least. Shoot from far away, get close, even closer, lie on the ground, use a ladder. Hold the camera above your head, tilt it at crazy angles. Stand right next to your subject, move with it or even walk around it. The main idea is to investigate normal and radical perspectives.

(to see the rest of the purports and examples go to the source article)

2. Unequal Space-

3. Framing-

4. Horizon Line-

5. Cropping-

6. Intentional Empty Space-

7. Shape-

8. Lines and Curves-

9. Visual Texture-

10. Depth-

11. Spin-

12. Motion Shots-

13. 360 Panoramic-

14. Composites-

15. Beautiful Decay-

16. Clouds-

17. Shadows/Reflections-

18. Light Painting-

19. Light Direction-

20. Night Shots-

21. Intentional Overexposure/Underexposure-