Here is a picture of a maple tree in New Vrindaban taken circa 1977. This was the yard at the grey house where Srila Prabhupada stayed during his 1974 visit to New Vrindaban. He used to sit under this tree, a maple.

The grey house has since been moved and is now marked by an engraved stone across the road from the end of the Palace wall towards the temple, but it used to be used as the casting shop for the Palace before the utility building was built at Bahulaban. My wife worked there one summer and has this photo of the cast pieces waiting to be installed at the Palace.

Later other trees were planted all around the maple and 25 years later they have grown in on the maple like the fir tree in this picture:

I harvested this fir to get some sunlight and air into the maple as I feel it is historical. I also trimmed up the branches on a larger fir that was right along the state road so light can get into it from the east.

One of Srila Prabhupada’s disciples was a landscape architect named Sivananda Sena. When he advised on the plantings by the lake, he drew in three sight lines that were supposed to be open from the state road looking down towards the lake area. After opening up around the maple, I saw that by harvesting a few pines below the devotee built brick road a sight line was opened up to the large Gaur Nitai statues.

So now you can look down at a tree SP sat under and past to Gaur Nitai as you drive or walk by on the state road.

It also opened it up so you can see the dogwood shown in the lower right of the picture. Next to the dogwood below the maple tree branches is an ash tree that volunteered. Eventually it will obscure the view but that will be several years and when it does I will harvest that also.